Message to Midwives

On behalf of the MAI Committee and myself, 

We just want to check in with you all at this time.

We acknowledge, appreciate and support all each of you are doing in your workplaces for women, babies and their families in these most challenging of times. We know that no one can postpone or reschedule pregnancy care, labour and postnatal and that pregnant women and their families inevitably feel very vulnerable and worried too. You are providing an invaluable service to humanity, needed now more than ever before in our lifetimes. 

We also acknowledge the fears and anxieties that you and your families have as you go to work. This is new ground for everyone and no one will get everything right all of the time. That is ok. We may not be able to do as much as we want to do. Many of the required behaviours go against our natural human instincts. However, as humans, we have an amazing ability to rise to challenge and to adapt to our situation. 

That is not to pretend that this is not going to profoundly affect us all . We will all wobble at times and we need to accept that this too is a normal reaction to what we are going through. We can also be kind, compassionate and caring to each other and to those we care for. We do not know what circumstances people are finding themselves in including each other and ourselves. KIndness and understanding will be two of our greatest tools as we navigate this journey, one step, one hour and one day at a time.

Reflecting on the work of Dick Grantly Read,  Fear leads to Tension and Tension leads to Pain so even in this restricted and shrunken new world, we can aim to explain and reassure, that will help remove fear, keep everyone calm and enable us all to get through this safely, intact and quickly. You do that every day and you have the gift of that skill. It is not going to be easy but it is worth it. When this is over, each of us will want to be reassured that we did our best for those we care for and for each other and for ourselves and our families. 

Be kind to yourself. You are doing a great job. 

Thank you again for your tremendous effort and thank you to all of your families for their support of your work.
Kind regards,

Yours sincerely, 

Patricia Hughes,
Chairperson, Midwives Association of Ireland 

1 thought on “Message to Midwives

  1. Thanks Patricia,
    Strange times, challenging times, but please god as many of us will come through them unscathed as possible.
    God bless to you and to all my sister midwives, both nationally and internationally.
    Mairead Martin

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