INMO Members Action

INMO Member Action

INMO Members Action


The INMO is holding a national meeting about the Health (Regulation of Termination of Pregnancy) Bill 2018, with specific regard to services relating to the termination of pregnancy. It is crucial that
MAI members who are in the INMO make every effort to attend. We must see that pro-choice midwives and student midwives are represented, and ensure that the union is fully informed of the viewpoints of all of its members.

In light of our recently published position paper, we feel it is important that the union which represents the majority of nurses and midwives in Ireland is aware of the lack of recognition of midwives presently in the legislation. Midwives who wish to provide care to those choosing to have a termination need to be supported in their role by their union.

Again, we urge you to attend the meeting so that all of the work midwives and student midwives have done for Repeal has not been in vain, and that midwives who support choice will be an integral part of a woman-led, choice-based reproductive healthcare system which includes access to abortion services.

The meeting is on:

Wednesday 14th November
The Richmond Education and Event Centre, 1 North Brunswick Street, Dublin 7

If people can let us know if they are planning to attend, and also please respond formally to with your name, email address, INMO membership number and the branch you belong to. Everybody needs to confirm their attendance as they are expecting a large crowd.

If you cannot attend, you can download this letter template to send to your union rep or directly to the INMO executive committee via email or post to ensure your voice is heard. We recommend sending it even if you are attending.

We also have a template available for you to send to your TD. Download it here and find your TDs by going to Who Is My TD?

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