About Us


The Midwives Association of Ireland was formed in 2016 under the name the Irish Midwives Association.  It hosted it’s inaugural and highly successful conference in September and has since evolved into the MAI.

The aim of the MAI is to promote the continued education of midwives in Ireland in order to enable them to take on their internationally accepted role and provide the highest standards of care for women. In addition, the MAI aim to support midwives by providing a forum in which new developments and research can be discussed and critically analysed.
Our constitution is available here.

We aim:
• To empower midwives in supporting women using evidence-based care.
• To promote, assist and provide access to further education for midwives through study days, conferences, etc.
• To advocate for the development of appropriate policies to enable midwives to provide individualised evidence-based care to all women
• To work in conjunction with women and advocacy agents in developing and proposing sustainable models of evidence-based care.
• To embrace the internationally accepted role of the midwife as defined by the NMBI.